How to play Mania

Use mouse move

In Mania game, you fight for the space you share with other players/AI. But it’s not as simple as it seems. You have to outwit your opponents and take up as much space as possible at the same time. You can choose from a lot of skins for your avatar too. So what are you waiting for? Jump into it and take the whole playing field for yourself! is a classic io game, which belongs to a multi-player competitive single-player small game. This game is simple and easy to operate. All you need to do is to capture the area on the game screen with the brush you manage and avoid bumping into walls and opponents. It can be said to be a game similar to the greedy snake.’s game features

In Paper io, you suddenly control the paintbrush to occupy the area. You can circle the blank area without any opponent. in this way, the area you encircle will become the area to which you belong with your same color number. When you occupy the interface, you need to avoid danger and prevent yourself from bumping into walls or opponents. Of course, if your opponent bumps into you, it will become your record, and you will successfully kill an opponent.

Other contents of Paper io

You can see the thumbnail of the whole picture in the lower right corner of the interface and see your current area. And you will see the competitor’s ranking and occupied territory in the upper right corner of your interface. Because you belong to competitors, you must keep a reasonable mind to deal with them during the game, to prevent one excitement from falling short.

In Paper io, you will control your lines and let them wander freely on the screen, making them your area.  Your main task is to expand your field and even become one of the top rankings.  I have to say that the same kind of game is a snake game. You will control a snake, avoid the attack of your opponent, and become the real overlord of the snake.

Do you like puzzle games?  It is not a simple operation. Free Tetris, which requires mental flexibility, enables you to think through squares and find the best solution to eliminate more falling Tetris.  The same thing that allows you to use your thinking is sudoku, which tests your sensitivity to numbers and your thoughts on thinking in both horizontal and vertical directions by filling in existing numbers without repetition.

For games that combine leisure and intelligence, then don’t forget riddle school. You need to help children escape from the school successfully without being discovered, but the escape process is bound to be breathtaking. Are you willing to challenge the limit?  ;  However, bad ice cream 3 is somewhat different from the former in its strategic escape. It requires you to collect fruits and avoid ice monsters to complete the checkpoint task.